While the boyfriend is away, I pla- craft!

I was a craft machine the other weekend while my boyfriend was out of town. Some of my projects were inspired by crafty bloggers like Tatertots and Jello and Blue Cricket Designs, while others had been on my craft “to do” list for quite some time [see hanging jewelry holder and letter hooks].

Inspiration 1: Tatertots And Jello’s Whimsical Valentine Wreath

Tatertots and Jello Whimsical Valentine Wreath

My whimsical wreath

Robin with an I whimsical valentine wreath

robin with an i whimsical wreathrobin with an i whimsical wreath

DIY hanging jewelry holder

Step 1: Buy supplies (framed cork board – $2 from Salvation Army, white paint, teal ribbon, paint brush and pretty rhinestone stickies from Michael’s). Supplies I already had: screws, thumbtacks).
Step 2: Paint edge white, screw in hooks at the bottom.

robinwithani jewelry holder in progress

Step 3: Add pretty teal rhinestone stickies.

robin diy jewelry holderStep 4: Add ribbon, paint thumbtacks white.

jewelry holder diy robinwithani

Step 5: Hang it, add jewelry.

finished jewelry holder diy robinwithani

Inspiration 2: Blue Cricket Design’s Pretty Bird Wall Art

Blue Cricket Design Pretty Bird Wall Art

My pretty bird wall art

Step 1: Buy supplies (blue and brown paint, 2 pack of small canvases – approx. $6 –  from Michael’s)
Step 2: Paint white canvases Robin’s Egg Blue.
Step 3: Draw branches freehand with pencil.
Step 4: Print and cut out silhouettes of birds that you find by searching Google.
Step 5: Trace birds onto canvas.

pretty bird art diy robinwithani

Step 6: Paint branches and birds brown.

pretty bird art diy robinwithaniStep 7: Hang it up!

pretty bird art final diy robinwithani

My pretty tree branch painting

Step 1: Buy supplies (brown and blue paint from Michael’s, two large $5 canvases from Big Lots)
Step 2: Paint canvases brown. FYI I did about 3 coats.
Step 3: Pick an image online that you think would look fabulous. Print it out so you can eye it while you draw it freehand.
Step 3: Draw the image in pencil.
Step 4: Fill in the image with blue paint.

pretty branches with flowers robinwithani diyStep 5: Hang up your new DIY painting to show how talented you are.

Your hook. My hook.

Step 1: Purchase these cute white letters from Michael’s (in the dollar bin!).
Step 2: Paint them the same blue color as the other projects.
Step 3: Since these already have hooks, hammer a nail in the wall and hang.

letters r j robinwithani

Besides the mess, our room looks better now.

robinwithani diy projectsrobinwithani diy projects

What should my next craft project be!