If I had a million (probably a billion) dollars…

I’d do all my work at my desk: Aqua Hollywood Desk, Room Service Store $1495.00

Aqua Hollywood Desk from Room Service Store with Peace Chair

via Room Service Store


My clothes would be nicely folded and put in here: Hollywood Dresser With Aqua Glass, Room Service Store $1995.00

Hollywood Dresser with Aqua glass From Room Service Store

via Room Service Store

Where the shoes go:

shoe closet from the style file

I would have this view in the mornings:

I would never mind a flight of stairs:

I’d smile even if I had to do the laundry:

Or take out the trash:

futuristic trash recycle bin

But I’d look forward to a nice long bath:

clawfoot bathtub

I’d love to come home to a beautiful house on a hill:

Feldman Architecture modern exterior

Or a cozy cottage:

A modern high-rise:
Russian Hill Apartment Zackde Vito Architectur Interior Design Apartment San Francisco

Or even a cabin in the woods:
dreamhouse cabin in the woods