DIY Chalkboard Wine Glasses

diy chalkboard wine glasses gift finished productChalkboard wine glasses are a fabulous holiday gift for any hostess. Or yourself! I chose to keep the ones I made since the original recipient went and got pregnant. Giving the gift of wine glasses to a pregnant gal seems a little mean. It’s like taking someone to the coolest club in town where you know hottie Ryan Gosling is at, but you can’t get in because you lost your ID. What a day-ruiner!

Sure, she could drink juice or milk or something out them, but really, what’s the fun in that?

So, I am enjoying my new wine glasses!


<- They turned out great, huh?!


What you will need to make your own awesome chalkboard wine glasses:
– a six pack of clean wine glasses (I bought mine for $4.99 at IKEA)
– a can of chalkboard spray paint (I used Krylon Chalkboard Aerosol Spray Paint, about $9 on
– blue painters tape (about $3 or $4 from hardware store)
– paper towels
– drop cloth or newspapers (something to protect your work surface from the paint)

painted wine glasses stepsStep 1:

Gather supplies for the project and set up a spray safe work area. I had a large black sheet of paper leftover from an old project so I used it as a mat. Next time I’ll use a bunch of newspaper instead because the spray paint left an outline surrounding the paper.


Step 2:

Wrap the painter’s tape around the stem of the glass starting just above the base. Make sure to cover what you do not want to be painted. You could make really cool chevron designs or even dots if you wanted to by cutting the tape and using it as a stencil. Next time.


Step 3:

Take a sheet from a roll of paper towels and wrap it around the rest of glass where you don’t want black paint to go. READ: I learned to hard way. My first glass ended up with little specks of black paint on the outside of the bowl. That glass sits in the back of the cabinet.


Step 4:

Set the glass down on your work surface. Shake the can of spray paint according to the instructions. Next, hold the nozzle a couple of inches away from the foot of the glass and spray the paint lightly. Make sure to coat the entire surface. Do this for each glass and let dry for 30 minutes before repeating with a second coat.


Step 5:

Let the glasses dry overnight so you don’t risk messing up the paint. Once they are dry, go and open a bottle of wine and put these glasses to good use.

Note: once you apply the chalkboard paint, the wine glasses are no longer dishwasher safe. You must wash the glasses by hand with soap and water. Let them air dry or use a soft dishcloth.


To make this gift extra special, include a bottle of wine and a box of chalk to make your present complete.


Are you making any DIY gifts this holiday season? Please share!