Hot Pants For A Hot New Year’s Eve

For New Year’s Eve weekend, I headed down the coast to the ever-so-beautiful city of Santa Barbara. My boyfriend and I joined our friends from college who are still living the dream down there and rang in the new year at The Neighborhood downtown. The bar had no cover. Wait, I need to say that again loudly… THERE WAS NO COVER! Nearly all the places we scoped out beforehand had hefty cover charges none of us were willing to shell out. Charging $60+ to get into a club or bar that’s jam packed with people and crazy lines for expensive, watered-down drinks is highway robbery and just isn’t my thing. What is my thing? Five dollar beers all night at The Neighborhood. And watching my friends get really competitive playing cornhole. Dorks. That I love.

The Neighborhood Santa Barbara

My NYE outfit consisted of a loose fitting black top, Jessica Simpson pumps, and these starry symphony sequined shorts from Since no one was on camera duty NYE, I have one photo from that evening but it doesn’t do my outfit justice (the lighting isn’t great, my photographer just took shots of whiskey, I didn’t really care, and so on).

silver sparkly hot pants

So, I took the photo below from my iPhone the week before and sent to my gal Edita for outfit approval.

I’ve got to find another opportunity to wear these shorts! Who wants to invite me somewhere where sparkles are encouraged?



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