Portland: Where young people go to retire (or visit retired people)

A few weeks ago I visited my dad in Portland and on the weekend’s agenda: a brew bus tour! Little did I know, I would leave PDX with a degree.

I graduated from the College of Brew Knowledge!

Portland Brew Bus

If you’re in the Portland area and like a) BEER, b) drinking BEER, and c) learning about BEER, reserve a spot on The Portland BrewBus. With the BrewBus comes a designated, knowledgeable tour guide for 4-5 hours. The BrewBus stops at approximately 4 breweries (depending on time) and with somewhere over 40+ microbreweries in Portland, there’s plenty of places you’ll have to come back again to see.  Included in the $45 fee:
– the tour
– the beer samples
– an appetizer
– a Personal Sampling Scorecard

I would totally do the BrewBus Tour again, especially to check out four other microbreweries we didn’t see.

BrewBus Tour PDX

Our BrewBus stopped at:

Hopworks Urban Brewery, 2944 SE Powell Blvd.
Favorite beer: You’d think I’d remember the first place the best but my memory is already foggy. I enjoyed the HUB I.P.A. and the Hoppers I.P.A. (nothing in my notes suggest otherwise). The Velvet ESB which means Extra Special Bitter turned people off to the beer so they instead call it their new ESB meaning “English Session Beer.” This one was our Hopworks brew master’s favorite.
Least favorite:
Seven-Grain Survival Stout. It tasted too much like coffee.

Amnesia Brewing, 32 North Beech Street

McTarnahan’s Tap Room, 2730 NW 31st at Industrial
They make Pyramid Brewery/Magic Hat/N.A. Independent
Favorite beer: It might have been the Seasonal Beer (Sno-Cap)… but I can’t remember.
Least favorite: Apricot Ale. I like my apricots beer-less.

Lucky Labrador Brewery, 909 SE Hawthorne
Solar powered beer!
Favorite beer: I think we only had one or two beers here. Maybe the Pale Ale?
Least favorite: I don’t recall.

Wahkeena Falls waterfall  outside of Portland in January

Wahkeena Falls waterfall just outside of Portland

Multnomah Falls, 30 minutes outside Portland, Oregon

  • Melissa Uppendahl

    I just came across your blog. Love it! My husband and I just moved to Portland, so we will have to check this out!

    • Awesome! You two should definitely go and let me know which breweries you stop at.

  • Fun! I love Portland. Didn’t know I could get a degree in Brew Knowledge! :p

    • You should totally go on this tour the next time you’re in PDX. It’s such a great deal and a lot of fun. The same kind of tour in SF would be double the cost.