DIY Host/Hostess Gift: Succulent Terrarium

Simplicity is key this holiday season because who has time to for any elaborate DIYs? This year, instead of bringing a bottle of wine (or in addition) to a holiday party, give the host or hostess something that he or she will remember you by throughout the year.

My favorite plants are succulents because they’re low-maintenance and oh so pretty. Succulents come in all different colors, shapes and sizes. They also make beautiful centerpieces.

diy succulent terrarium holiday gift

What you will need to make one succulent terrarium:
– a bag of rocks (I bought mine for $1 at the local Dollar Store, but you can always find “authentic” rocks if you just look down when you walk)
– a glass container such as a round globe vase, a deep bowl, or vase with a large opening (thrift store or Dollar Store finds work perfectly)
– cactus and succulent soil mix (between $5-10 at Lowes or OSH)
– 3 to 4 mini succulent plants
– optional: moss, mainly for looks

Make your own succulent terrarium in under five minutes!

succulents DIY host hostess gift

Step 1:

Gently place a layer of rocks at the bottom of the glass bowl. The rocks will help provide drainage for the plants.

Step 2:

Cover rocks with a half-inch layer of cactus/succulent soil.

Step 3:

Place succulent roots in soil, arranging them until you’re satisfied with the look. Cover the roots with soil. Optional: Add additional rocks or pebbles to the top, or cover soil with moss (this is all for aesthetics so it’s your preference).

bowl of rocks for succulent terrarium

DIY succulent terrarium

Care Tips for Succulent Terrariums:

– place the terrarium in partial sunlight
– water the terrarium every two weeks using a spray bottle (you don’t want to over-water them; better to under-water them if anything!)
– if any of the leaves fall off, you can propagate succulents from leaves to grow new plants (how-to instructions found here). HOW COOL!