Velodyne vPulse Earphones Review AND Giveaway (Valued at $99)

In the past, I’ve had horrible luck with ordinary headphones. My cat has bitten through the standard white iPhone headphones (three times!!) and other replacement headphones tend to stop working through one ear bud in a matter of weeks. Oh and then there’s the tangling. The tangling of the cords drives me absolutely insane! By the time I’ve managed to pull the cords apart, I’ve already wasted five minutes of my life.

Another downfall of regular, cheap-y headphones is that they fall out constantly, especially while I’m working out. The ear-buds are too large for my ears, but the standard iPhone headphones are one of those “one-size fits all” lies. One-size never “fits all.”

Velodyne vPulse in-ear headphones retail $99

Cut to last year when I received vPulse earphones. My headphone issues were no more. No need to blast my music to keep out background noise. No more tangled mess to deal with! Velodyne earphones have a flat cable, which will minimize tangling.

Plus, these earphones work wonders while working out! They never fall out while doing cardio because the ear tips actually fit my ears. The product comes with multiple sizes to choose from since one-size doesn’t fit all.

Robin working out with velodyne vpulse earphones

Another plus: phone calls have never been so clear. I can talk on the phone, hands-free, and not have to worry about whether the person on the other end can hear me. The microphone quality is exceptional.

These headphones work wonders for keeping outside noise out. The other day I was riding BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) and used my headphones to block out the loud screeching noise the train makes when it goes underground. I didn’t even have the headphones plugged into my phone.

I LOVE my Velodyne headphones so much that I carry them everywhere. They come with a zip-up protective carrying case, cable clip, and multiple sized ear tips.

Want your own vPulse headphones? GIVEAWAY CLOSED

The winner has been selected. Thanks to everyone who entered!

Win Velodyne vPulse earphones (Electric Blue) right here. Just leave a comment below with your email what feature you love best about the vPulse earphones to be entered to win. Giveaway ends at 12:01pm PST on Friday, February 8, 2013. Winner will be contacted by email no later than Monday, February 11, 2013.

velodyne blue in-ear headphones

 Product Features
• Precise, low-distortion audio quality
• Massive, tight bass due to 10 mm drivers & quality materials
• Noise reducing in-ear design for a more enjoyable experience
• Intuitive in-line controls (phone, playback, volume)*
• High-quality microphone
• Flat cable minimizes messy, annoying tangles
• Multiple sized ear tips for a perfect fit
• Available in 3 stylish colors: Classic Black, Velodyne Electric Blue & Hot Pink

For more information on vPulse earphones and other amazing Velodyne products, visit Follow them on Twitter @velodyneaudio and on Facebook.

Disclosure: I received Velodyne vPulse earphones from Velodyne and wanted to review them based on the awesomeness of the product. Velodyne gave me a second vPulse to give away to one of my readers. All opinions are my own.

  • First, I love that you mentioned the part about your cat- mine has eaten part of the “in ear” section of my apple headphones too!

    I think my favorite feature would be the noise-reducing. People at my gym have a tendency to talk on their phones while on the cardio machines, and I would looove to be able to just focus on my workout (with my headphones also staying in my ears!) and not hear everyone’s conversations.

  • Renee Daniel

    I love that vPulse has multiple size earbuds. I have given up on using headphones while working out because I can’t stand the earbuds falling out.

    I also like the noise reducing feature. With normal headphones, I have to crank up the volume just to drown out the noise. The noise reduction of the vPulse would allow me to drown out unnecessary sounds without having to blast my music and damage my ears.

  • they dont fall out?! that’s the most important for me. i think i have weird shaped ears, otherwise… 😛

  • Jess Z

    Wow! I love that they’re a flat cable and are less likely to get tangled. I hate getting to the gym and wasting time untangling them. I also love that they have multiple sized ear tips so I can pick the one that fits best. Nothing is worse than when I’m jogging and my ear buds fall out. Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway! 🙂 mfrapp_83 [at] yahoo [dot] com

  • Elis B.

    Flat cable minimizes messy, annoying tangles

  • @chrissherry

    They are best headphones ive tried. My brother has them. @chrissherry

  • Carlos Parga

    The reason why I love these earphones is the fact that they never fall out while working out. Too many times that has happened to me and it disrupts my focus in the gym. Winning these earphones would eliminate that bit of frustration altogether. I hope I win these. Thanks.

  • Electric Blue and flat cords? What is not to like! 🙂 Email is Lexagator (At) Gmail .com

  • KaijinGaijin

    Nice to read a review with a more regular perspective. Lots of audophile techie reviews on the Net, but few like this. I’m keen to hear the bass without having to boost the volume to ear splitting volume. Also, a flat cord sounds awesome…so tired of tangles. I’m on g mail as well, nothanks74.

  • Kerry Usodesu

    I just need something that will stay in my ears when I run. I’m not sure about the blue color though…I think black would be more neutral. kerryusodesu at google.

  • Jason Perkins

    I Like The Flat Cable Because That Is Not Something You See With Other Brands And I Very Often Have Problems With The Cable Getting Tangled Up.

  • Joe McGrath

    I was just looking into buying these and wound up here on a search. It’d be awesome to save a little dough. My buddy has a pair of the blue ones and they sound amazing. It’s all about the sound. Velodyne subs rock! thisisjoe13 (at) gmail (com)

  • AmYFiD

    Ha ha…My dog ate my headphones. I’m glad he didn’t manage to swallow them or it would have meant the cost of the lost headphones (expensive Klipsch S4) and a trip to the vet. I liked my Klipsch, but the tangling cords were a hassle and the sound was great but not enough bass. I’ve never heard of Velodyne, but I’d love to give them a try!

  • Mellisalisalisa

    I gave up listening to headphones while working out. I don’t know if I jump around too much or what, but they constantly fall out of my head. Maybe I just have really big ear holes! I’d wear over the head ones, but it’d look silly. If you say these manage to stay in without falling out that would totally be a victory. I think the lack of tangles would be pretty amazing too, but I almost find that hard to believe.

  • Firemoose87

    I love the fact that they’re blue and they won’t tangle easily. The Apple earbuds give me headaches..

  • These look great. I have the iPone, but the mic is not working so well. We don’t have such a big choice in Japan. Only really expensive European or Japanese ones. I think these are a USA model company. Now I am living in the USA with my American husband. I hope I can win!
    I forgot to add junko dot japan hyphen USA at Yahoo dot Com

  • I wanted these or Beats, but my parents said it was too much for headphones. I think the blue is kind of cool, but I heard the sound is really good too. I really want a remote on the cable because the iPod Touch earphones don’t come with the remote on the cable like the iPhone ones do.

  • Michelle

    These are way cool. Do they have the speaker part so that you can use them while driving and having your headphones in? Great post sweets!

  • TFroggie

    Hey Robin,
    I think the blue looks totally cute, but you can get $5 headphones that are blue as well. I’d have to say a tangle free cable and an actual working mic would be great. It looks like the remote is in a really good place as well. I hate it when they’re way down the cable. I was wondering how much the stick out from your ears. It’s hard to tell in the pictures. Maybe a dumb question, but can you wear a winter hat over these? Really hoping a win because when I looked them up they’re certainly a lot more than the regular $5 headphones!
    I’m on hotmail at theresafroggie

  • McMaura

    I have never had a pair of headphones that could stay in my head. I wound up getting sport style ones that go over the tops of your ears, but they start to hurt after a while…and they sound horrible. I also have to crank the volume and then I worry I’m that annoying person in the gym with my music blasting, so noise reduction would be a huge plus. I haven’t had any trouble with tangles, but I suppose that would be great as well. —> MauraMC1970 (at) live (com)

  • Joanne Morrison

    I met up with Theresa (TFroggie below) over the weekend and she was talking about the chance to win these killer headphones. Sorry if I win them Theresa, but thanks for the heads up. I’m in the market for a new set. I have the headphones that came with my iPod Nano, but they sound tinny. From what I hear about these, they have the best bass anywhere. A proper seal on my ears to avoid outside noise would be great as well. I’m on Google mail at “atthebeach365”

  • Michael Marino

    I had a pair of these in black. I either lost them or they were stolen on my commute, totally bummed. They are friggin’ amazing. The sound is unbelievable. I had them for about two months before they were lost/stolen so I’m hurting to buy another set for $100 already….they are worth it though…great sound. Mikarino at gmail

  • Sarah Klisko

    OMG, I almost bought a pair of these. I was wicked into the pink versions but they didnt have them so I didn’t get them. I guess blue would be okay too. My was gonna get some skullcandy buds but a friend told me to spend the extra money on these. I have a gmail regular account at

  • For Shopping

    Wow, lots of people trying to win these. I have a Gmail: thisis4kaimono
    I think a remote would be cool. I use an armband so I can touch my phone, but I keep banging it. It’d b nice to be able to keep it in my pocket.

  • Penny Penny

    These look awesome. I like the metal headphone part with the logo. I don’t know how they sound though.

  • Penny Penny

    Oops, I forgot to add my email. Google account also, foryourthoughts1982@
    Thanks, Penny

  • Jack

    Hi Robin,
    After looking around and reading about every review for these Velodyne Vpulse earbuds, I came across yours. And I’m glad I did – you’re insightful review and real world use of these helped me settle on purchasing (or hopefully winning!) these earbuds. Your input on how they managed to stay in your ears during cardio and still drowned out noise while on public transportation answered two of my main questions. I feel that the sound quality and excellent bass would have to rate as my top features for these Velodynes. After losing my last pair of headphones while skiing backcountry in Colorado, I would be extremely excited to possibly win a pair of these from you. I promise to put them to good use! My gmail account is: jhaeger30


  • emilioooo

    Hey Robin,
    I’m currently a college student and I tend to jam out while doing homework. The noise reducing in-ear design, I believe, is the best feature the vPulse have to offer. This feature allows me to enjoy my music clearly without disturbing other people in the library.
    p.s. Cats are amazing but they do tend to love chewing on headphone wires

  • Bummer I just bought a yellow iPod Touch and was going to buy the blue. No big deal, but it’d have been cool if they matched cause the blue color in these is kind of cool. The iPod Touch headphones actually sound pretty good, but no remote 🙁 Really want a remote
    You can get me at:

  • Hi Robin,
    I’m a college student too. My favorite feature of these particular headphones is that they might be free…if I’m lucky! I agree though. I hate it when I can hear other people’s music in the library…and worry I might be that guy sometimes. Noise cancelling would be nice, and good sound would be even better.
    juanitolocoyo at yahoo dot com

  • My nephew wants these for his birthday. His rich friend has them, but his parents vetoed it. I’m a good uncle, but I don’t have $100 for headphones either. He says they sound AMAZING! So if I win they’re all hist.
    browniem70 @ ymail com

  • Michelle LeHeuf

    Sign me up for a chance too. These look awesome. Proper metal instead of plastic junk. On gmail at “movingtoNYCmichelle”

  • 4Shopping Shop

    I don’t think I’ve ever spent more than 10 or 15 dollars on headphones, but I’ve probably done that a dozen times. It’d be nice to try a real quality pair. They look pretty well made, unlike my crap Skullcandy buds that lasted less than a day.
    thisis4shoppingonline on Google Mail

  • I love that they have different tips to fit different sized ears. I have tiny ears and I can never keep earbuds in while I’m working out or running–so annoying! I would love to try these to see if they actually stay in. They look awesome!

  • Sarah Sato

    I wonder how Robin is going to choose the winner. I don’t know too much about these, other what she said above. I’ve never had a mic or remote on my headphones so I think that’d be cool. I hate the headphones my ipod came with, they hurt my ears and fall out as soon as I start to sweat. I hope I can win! lulzhamsters on G Mail

  • I think the noise cancellation would be great. I’m sure the BART is loud, but on the subway it’s the same. I have to keep my finger on the volume and turn it up and down as we approach each stop. Be great to just leave them alone, though being able to change the volume without having to pull out my iPod and show it to other passengers might be nice even if I still have to mess around with it.
    yamashita (dot) kazuo yahoo com

  • Don

    Noise isolation, noise isolation, noise isolation. My current headphones, even at max volume, are hard to hear. donschinkelman at rocket mail dot com

  • Canines Rock

    Hey, I hope I’m not too late. I’ve heard these before and they’re great. I can’t justify so much money for headphones, but free would be AWESOME. I agree with Robin about the way they cut out the noise too. gMail at caninesrock2 dot com (I like cats too though!)

  • Briandav09

    I love the blue color and the sound and built quality.

  • Agreed, the blue is pretty wicked, and very cool of them to give a set of these away, and for Robin to offer them via the blog. I’ve never owned a decent pair of headphones, other than the old original iPod ones that killed my ears. I’d be psyched if I won a nice set.

  • These things look great. The only slight concern I’d have is if they’re a popular brand the blue might kind of stand out…there’s places I run that I’d rather not draw attention sometimes. Anyways, beggars can’t be choosers. I actually like the blue a ton. Julia
    juliacrest007 on

  • Nadine DeMamoto

    Well, they look great and from what I’ve read here and elsewhere they also sound great. I’m not sure what else there is to say about headphones other than their looks and sound. I’m kind of nervous putting my email on here, but I guess it’s worth a chance to win. I have a gmail email with the name “damemottoyo”

  • Michael Perrulli

    Dying for a pair of these….Hardcore headphone in the gym type of person. Please hook me up 🙁

  • Nadine DeMamoto

    I got in at the last minute. I wonder if Robin will post the winner. I haven’t heard, but she said it wouldn’t happen till Monday.