Sunsets & Cowboy Hats: My First Stagecoach Experience

sunsets and cowboy hats stagecoach 2013 by

It’s been several weeks since my return from Stagecoach and I must say, I’m missing that hot, hot heat. In Pacifica right now, it’s a 57 degrees out and that means sweater weather (plus a scarf, thick leggings and boots). I miss that tank top and frayed shorts weather that goes on year-round in the desert. At times the hotness was a little extreme, although I think I could get used to it if I lived there.

Apparently the organizers made some changes for 2013 to cut down on the partying that goes on at the RV camping lots. This didn’t phase Tori and I one bit though. I guess as we get older, the all day / all night ragefest doesn’t sound all that appealing.

We had a great time on our mini vacation in the sun. Can’t wait to visit Palm Springs/Palm Desert/Indio again.

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Stagecoach Panorama