Meringue Kisses

When I was younger, my dad would take me to Mazzetti’s Bakery in Pacifica before church on Sundays (on non-Mazzetti Sundays, we’d go through the McDonald’s drive-thru and pick up Egg McMuffins with extra hash browns). Mazzetti’s makes fresh pastries on location and made these amazing meringue kisses that I craved. Light, airy and fluffy perfection. My favorite? The white kisses with the multi-colored sprinkles on top.

I have attempted several times over the years to recreate Mazzetti’s meringues with no such luck. They never look or taste quite the same. Thank goodness Pinterest came along because the variations are endless (though the ingredients are basically identical) and I might one day be able to recreate a version close to my old favorite. Maybe I should invest in a piping device so I can get the shape just right.

Meringue kisses different colors

Recipe via McCormick


  • I love meringues so much! 🙂 Please try to recreate these!

    • I WAS going to try this weekend but then I got sick 🙁 Why does that always seem to happen?