Got Clumps? 3 Tips For Using Younique 3D Fiber Lashes Mascara


younique 3d fiber lashes mascara tips for application

So you decided to try Younique 3D Fiber Lashes Mascara (Order here if you still need to!and you’re dealing with clumps? It’s probably because of one or more of the following.

1) You’re using regular mascara underneath your 3D Fiber Lashes. Yes, the insert that comes with Younique’s mascara says to use over regular mascara, but as you know, all mascaras are not the same. Try using your 3D Fiber Lashes without regular mascara underneath. You just might like it. Note: I don’t use regular mascara underneath the Younique mascara. It’s my preference and I’ve found that I like my lashes better when I’m only using Younique’s. If you are adamant about using mascara underneath, make sure you are using a “lengthening” mascara and not a “thickening” mascara as this can cause clumps. I’ve used Ulta’s Legendary Lengths Mascara underneath with no problem.

2) Using too much gel or fibers. Sometimes when you first start using the gel, a lot of it gets on the lash brush. Try scraping a good amount of it off. Use less gel and less fibers, and build “layers” versus trying to achieve the look with one coat. The mascara is buildable so use less, just more coats. For example: gel, fibers, gel. Let sit for 30 seconds then gel, fibers, gel again.

3) Not letting the fibers set long enough. If you don’t let the fibers set long enough and stick to the gel, it can cause the fibers to stick to the wand. Below is my method to applying 3D Fiber Lashes. Switching off between eyes gives the fibers time to set and won’t come off on the gel wand, which can cause clumping. Try applying Younique 3D Fiber Lashes Mascara in this order:

  1. Gel eye 1.

  2. Gel eye 2.

  3. Fibers eye 1.

  4. Fibers eye 2.

  5. Gel eye 1 to seal it up.

  6. Gel eye 2 to seal it up.

  7. Repeat to continue building on the length/thickness.

I also recommend having a lash comb in your makeup bag in case you need to separate any of your lashes. Younique sells a fantastic, sturdy lash comb/brow brush for only $20 that separates, tames, and declumps lashes. I have a couple lashes that seem to always group together and this comb is perfect for splitting the two up. Shop for the brush here.

younique best lash brush eye comb

Additional resources: A few months back, I wrote a post with FAQs about the 3D Fiber Mascara. Read it here. Let me know if you have any questions!