Hiking in Pacifica: Mori Point (Dog-Friendly)

Hiking in Pacifica, California. Mori Point. looking over the Pacific Ocean.

We had amazing weather in Pacifica this past weekend. I’m talking sunny and warm without a cloud in the sky. Of course we had to spend our day outside and enjoy the unusual warm front. Matt and I decided to explore Mori Point and test out my new hiking backpack ($23) and get a little sunshine.

Matt Mori Point in Pacifica California

I love the photo above of Matt. Reminds me of the hills in New Zealand — my little hobbit 🙂

Mori Point looks out over the Pacific Ocean and has numerous pathways to get to the top of the hills. We chose the rockier trail and although I wasn’t wearing my kicks made for rocky terrain, I didn’t slip! Success.

Mori Point Pacifica California hike

There were a lot of other folks out and about on the trail today with their pups. I wish our family dog Benji would go on hikes with us. One little French bulldog was scurrying up a nearly vertical part of the hill and it was the cutest thing watching those tiny legs move up the path. Mori Point is dog-friendly so definitely bring your pooch on this hike.

Mori Point Pacifica California ocean hike

Mori Point Pacifica California ocean hike sunshine

Mori Point ocean waves in Pacifica California hike

After our hike, we stopped to have brunch at Breakers in Rockaway. I got (of course) eggs benedict and Matt got an insanely large breakfast sandwich. The owner shared with us some big plans he has for the restaurant in the coming months and I can’t wait to stop by after another beachside hike.

Robin and Matt at Mori Point in Pacifica California

Mori Point Quarry in Pacifica California hike

Mori Point Quarry in Pacifica California hike sunshine