Florida Vacation: Part 1

Hilton Grand Vacations Suites at SeaWorld walkwayTwo weeks ago, Matt and I took a trip to Florida for a mini vacation to see my grandma and aunt in Sarasota. We stayed a few days in Orlando at the Hilton Grand Vacations Suites at SeaWorld. The property was gorgeous. Lush green plants, huge pools, a movie theater, tennis court, golf cart and free wifi. We got a deal to stay at this hotel by attending a timeshare presentation during our stay. We had a lovely weekend where we could just relax. The only panic we had is when our home security camera alarm system went off on my phone but turns out that it was just my friend checking our house for us!

Going on holiday is meant to be a pretty relaxing time. Some people like to use a company like NetJets to make it easier for them to travel. Whilst others like to find the perfect location to spend their vacation in. For us, going to Orlando was an amazing experience, the only time we were stressed was when our alarm went off at home, but that turned out to be nothing to worry about luckily.

When it comes to going on holiday there are loads of places that people want to check out. Sometimes it can be hard to make a decision on where you would like to spend your vacation time. For example, you might decide that you like the look of going to the Crowne Plaza Times Square Manhattan, but there are plenty of other places that you could go to.

I must say they did a pretty good job at selling the Hilton Vacation Ownership Timeshare, though we decided not to purchase. Going into the presentation, I thought all timeshares were very expensive, had limited choices on where to go, and assigned you one-week a year to vacation that wasn’t flexible. Some timeshares have changed over the years and Hilton’s program seems like a cool idea. Rather than having to take the same week off each year for a vacation, Hilton gives you the option of going whenever you want and staying in resorts in nearly 100 countries. This is perfect if you love the idea of moving from place to place, although I can still see some people opting to use https://isleblue.co/barbados/villas instead for their vacation time.

While vacation ownership isn’t something Matt and I want/need right now, it might be something we’ll consider once we have kids. I have always wanted a vacation home to make memories with my husband and (future) kids, but it’s expensive and it’s not like you want to leave the vacation home empty most of the year. Plus, as we get older, finding time to even plan a vacation will be tough and I like the idea of knowing what you’ll get with Hilton’s vacation properties. Making quality family time will be a priority for us and this is one route we may consider. A lot of research would have to happen before we make a big decision like this, especially because of the upfront costs. After a quick Google search, I see that Marriott and Wyndham also have vacation timeshares.

Do you have a vacation timeshare? How do you like it? I would love to hear your thoughts!

Lizard in Orlando FloridaPool at Hilton Grand Vacations Suites at SeaWorld Swimming Pool at Hilton Grand Vacations Suites at SeaWorld

Plants at Hilton Grand Vacations Suites at SeaWorld Hilton Grand Vacations Suites at SeaWorld building

I love this image below of the top of one of the buildings at our hotel. The color is totally off (I’m still trying to figure out all the settings on my new DSLR), but it turned out so pretty.
Hilton Grand Vacations Suites at SeaWorld sky

  • Hi Robin! Loving your new blog and design! I have spoken to a lot of friends and stayed in their timeshares. Unfortunatly most of them wish they never bought in the first place as it became a hassle and impossible to resale.

    • Thanks Alexa!! The whole not being able to resale is scary, especially if that’s one of things they say is easy. Of course no one is going to sell you the downfalls of something they want you to buy. Hah. Did you at least stay in some cool timeshares?

      • Yes! Stayed in a cool one in Napa! 🙂

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