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This past weekend Matt and I took a last minute road trip to Southern California for a mini vacation. Matt’s parents have a house in Burbank about an hour away from Disneyland. I know there are so many people who would love to live in Southern California, in close proximity to the park and the sea; perhaps they should visit The Villas at Rancho Pacifica website to see the properties and living opportunities out there. It had been years since either of had gone to Disneyland and California Adventure wasn’t even built back then. We figured we should go see for ourselves what Disneyland is like without kids before we start having them.

California Adventure was cool. I liked Tower of Terror and those frozen chocolate dipped bananas were delish. It was Disneyland’s 60th Anniversary Celebration so the park was packed. Most of the rides we wanted to go on had such a long wait, but we were able to get a FastPass for an 8pm ride on Indiana Jones. I remember the boulder at the end of the ride being much bigger and the ride more thrilling, granted I was 8 or 9 the last time I went on it.

Next time we head down south for the weekend, we’re going to Universal Studios. Matt and I are big movie fans and I hear the VIP Experience tour is worth the money.

After Burbank, we drove up to Santa Barbara for a night and I got to show Matt around downtown. (“And this is the Men’s Warehouse I worked at for four weeks. This is the bar that didn’t let me in on my 21st birthday. And this is where I went to the gym.). We had dinner at Chuck’s Waterfront Grill on the harbor and stayed at Hotel Santa Barbara. I highly recommend staying at this hotel when you’re in town. It’s the perfect location in the heart of downtown with walking distance to bars, restaurants, shops, and movie theaters. They have HBO so you won’t miss Game of Thrones if you’re there on a Sunday night.

As we were leaving town, we made a pit stop for Blenders in the Grass (my fave smoothie place), and picked up some lunch from Freebirds in Isla Vista. Much has changed since I moved out of IV. There’s a lot more housing and new restaurants, but you’ll always see hungover college students in their pjs in line at Freebirds. Some things never change.

Being back in Southern California brought back so many happy memories and it was lovely spending time with Matt’s parents. We don’t get to see them so much now, so it was nice. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss living there. I always sort of knew that I missed it, but being back there really brought those feelings to my attention. I know Matt feels the same – its something we’ve discussed a lot and we even looked at some of the New Homes in SC recently. We agree that moving back there now just wouldn’t work, but we definitely aren’t ruling it out in the future. So watch this space!

Now onto the outfit. I recently discovered and I’m addicted! Shoptiques lets you shop the world’s best local boutiques in one place. The clothes and accessories range in price and they offer free shipping over $100. The dress I wore while walking around Santa Barbara is from 3rd And Broadway Boutique Clothing in Oklahoma.

See the widget below with shopping links to my outfit. The gold sandals are from Brickyard Buffalo, an online popup shop, and were perfect for walking around town. They’re so comfortable that I want them in every color! I actually wrote Brickyard Buffalo today to ask where I could purchase another pair. They responded that they’re planning on selling the sandals again soon on their site. I’ll be first in line!

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