Monterey Road Trip

Clam Chowder in Bread Bowl Monterey Fish Hopper

Weekend road tripping is always fun, especially when it includes delicious food. Dinner at The Fish Hopper in Cannery Row was on point! Matt and I were both craving clam chowder in a bread bowl and The Fish Hopper didn’t disappoint. They toast the bread lid and soak it in butter and garlic. It’s heavenly! I’m actually getting really hungry just thinking about it. It’s not unlike what my friend told me she had at Fog Harbour; she said it was, and I quote, the “best clam chowder in San Francisco!” Quite the accolade. I must head over there in one of my future travels to try it myself.

Robin Matt Monterey

Right next door is a Jerkyville USA, a must-stop for all kinds of jerky. They have the standard beef jerky with all kinds of seasonings, plus exotic jerky if you’re into that. We bought a pack of spicy wasabi jerky and jerky dog treats for Benji. Unfortunately Benji ended up getting into the bag of wasabi jerky one night while we slept so we only had a couple pieces. Will have to stop by again next time we’re out there and NOT leave the jerky on our coffee table when we get home. Side note: he didn’t get sick from eating nearly the entire bag.

We stayed at the Monterey Hilton Garden Inn and Uber’ed to Cannery Row to visit the aquarium and explore the area. The next day we spent a few hours exploring Carmel. Stay tuned for more about our time in Carmel on the blog soon.

Below are photos from the drive down and at the aquarium. I’m still learning how to use my DSLR, but am really happy with how the jellyfish photos turned out, thanks to some tips on the Monterey Bay Aquarium website.
road trip monterey artichokes
Monterey Cannery Row Street view Monterey Cannery Row Street
Monterey Cannery row ocean
jelly fish monterey bay aquarium jelly fish monterey bay aquarium up close
jelly fish monterey bay aquarium underwater

  • vanity505

    It looks like y’all had alot of fun! Thanks for sharing:)

    • Thanks girl! It was 🙂 Hoping to go back again soon.