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Carmel Monterey Bay California

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I’m surprised I’ve never been to Carmel before. It’s only a two-hour drive away from Pacifica and is such a cute town! Matt and I spent a few hours walking around their downtown area to window shop and check out the beach before driving back home.

We stopped in Blackbird, a small shop on Ocean Ave & San Carlos. The friendly woman behind the counter introduced me to TableTopics. They are these fun conversation starters that come in a clear box in a variety of themes (Original, Foodies, Slumber Party, Dinner Party, etc.). I bought the original version, but definitely plan on getting more. TableTopics would make great hostess gifts, Christmas presents, or birthday gifts. Each year my company does White Elephant and I may have just figured out what I’ll be buying this year. Some sample questions in the Original box include:

  • Who’s the most optimistic person you know?
  • What’s your favorite quotation?
  • Who’s your favorite professional athlete?
  • How do you define success?
  • What would you miss most about your home if you moved?

Matt and I have a great time asking each other these questions while hanging out at home. TableTopics make it fun to learn more about each other by asking questions you might never think to ask. I’m going to bring these to our next family get together.

TableTopics Conversation Starter gifts

Have you been to Carmel before? Ever heard about TableTopics?

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  • Isn’t Carmel gorgeous? Next time you’re there, go to Point Lobos (I think it’s like a $10 fee to get in) and check out those crazy beautiful views!