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Waking up every morning with the need to crack my back, sore knees, and an achy body is no fun. Matt and I have been looking for somewhere to buy cheap queen size mattresses for a while now, and I think we’ve found “the one.” We wanted something affordable and took suggestions from friends and family, and we even tested out some of these Reddit Mattress Suggestions. After hearing great things about Casper, we decided to get one and purchased one online for $850 plus tax and free shipping. It’s supposed to be an amazing and super comfortable mattress, made right here in the USA. They have an offer to try it out for 100 nights and if you don’t love it, you can send it back with free return shipping. If you’re looking for a new mattress too, use my referral link here to get $50 off your Casper purchase.

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Another issue with our current mattress is I overheat at night and get super sweaty. The Casper mattress should solve that problem: Our bed doesn’t sleep hot. After months of testing, we determined that a top 1.5″ layer of latex foam would complement the support of our memory foam and provide significantly more circulation to keep sleepers cool. This isn’t the same latex found in tires or bedside tools, it’s a high performance foam designed for sleep. Casper website.

Refinery 29 is actually hosting a giveaway RIGHT NOW to win a Casper mattress and $500 for brunch goodies: enter here.

I’ll let you guys know how we like it once it arrives. Have a great week!

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