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Lake Tahoe is so much fun during the summer. The scenery is breathtaking and you can’t beat spending time with your friends outdoors. One of my best friends lives in South Lake a few blocks from the lake. When we were up there a few weeks ago, we went to the beach, BBQ’ed, and had a few days to relax. As you can tell in the picture, our beach day left its mark — hello sunburn.

Regardless of the ‘burn, it was a great weekend getaway. It’s only about four hours away from home, sometimes longer if the traffic is bad. Matt and I used to drive up every few months when we first started dating and would hit the casinos. Now we’ve been together a little longer we hardly take the time to drive up, and if we wanted to hit a casino, we’d do so on our couch together and bet with V9bet and other online casino options! I’m so glad that online casinos are now growing in popularity. I think they’re amazing and I know loads of people who enjoy playing on them! You can have fun and possibly even win some money in the comfort of your home! Matt and I have had a few ‘casino night’ dates and they’ve been so much fun. We play on websites like and see who can win the most money. It’s so fun!

Personally, I think that everyone should have the opportunity to visit a casino at some point during their life. The experience is just one that you will never forget; I can’t explain how good it feels because there is simply no words for it. More people than before are deciding to take up gambling as they have the opportunity to do so from the comfort of their own homes. Online pokies (slot machines), roulette, and blackjack are just some of the table games that you can experience in the online form, as well as in the physical form. We love driving to places and visiting casinos, and hopefully, it won’t be long until we can experience the casinos that the Entertainment Capital of the World has to offer; Las Vegas! But sometimes, it’s just nice to have the option of doing it in your home. Having other things to look forward to throughout the year is another bonus.

I’m hoping there will be some good snow this winter and attempt snowboarding again. The last time I was on a snowboard was in college and my butt was on the ground 80% of the time. Maybe this year I’ll try skiing instead. However, if there’s no snow this year, then I’ll probably be taking to a cozy corner inside our home and looking for other online casinos we’ve yet to try out, apparently, there are many online options about that can be found using websites like and others. So if there’s no snow, it’s probably back to the slot machines for a little bit until there is!

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