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Robin Beach Town Blonde Ewok Halloween Costume

Ewok Halloween Costume Womens Womens Halloween Costume Ewok Star Wars

Well, sort of an Ewok. Matt and I went to Star Wars/Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings costume party this past weekend to celebrate our friend’s 30th birthday. I love themed parties because everyone gets so creative with their costumes. My friend’s mom’s Moaning Myrtle costume was on point! She played her perfectly.

The food was themed too:

  • The Source of the Ring, a platter of Ring Pops
  • Hans Rolos, a bowl of Rolos candy
  • Counsel of Elrond cookies
  • Lightsaber chocolate-dipped pretzels


The paw gloves pictured didn’t make it to the party, but they just might show up for Halloween 😉 I was going for the cute and cuddly Ewok look, and this faux fur vest was perfect! Shop my DIY costume below.

Ewok Halloween Costume Halloween Costumes Ewok Hermonie R2D2 Tusken Raider and Ewok Star Wars Halloween Costume

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