Our Winter Toolkit + Family Snow Trip

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The Johnson family in the snow winter 2016

This mama returned to work yesterday after three months of maternity leave taking care of my little girl, Kinsley. Even though we got out of the house a fair amount of time during my leave, my family and I didn’t get any of the fall bugs that were going around. We went to the doctor’s office multiple times for checkups. We went on walks outside, sometimes when it was wet out. We evn hung out with a 5-year old who was just starting to get sick. Still we all remained pretty healthy.

This past weekend we went to Truckee for my husband’s company holiday party where his boss rented an Off Grid Cabin for the weekend. It was such an amazing trip! The cabin was surrounded by so much land and it was so nice to be able to walk outside and just enjoy the nature around it. We also weren’t disturbed my anyone or anything! No people, cars, planes, you know what I mean. It was just us and nature. I love cabins so much, I’ve even been looking into modular cabin models for back home; I’d quite like to have one as my own little holiday home. It was a family event with the other couples bringing their own young children. Since Matt and I were going to be in close quarters with other kids over the weekend, we packed our bags with items to win over winter.

childrens motrin grape flavor winter toolkit

We assembled a toolkit to ensure we were ready for anything, and that the other kids would be covered if they got sick at all. After careful consideration, below is what my husband and I packed.

Our winter toolkit contains:

  • Mini packages of tissue – if you’re like me, I like to carry tissue on me at all time and the little packages fit perfectly in my purse and car center console.
  • Water bottle – everyone knows you should drink plenty of water so I brought my heavy-duty, insulted water bottle on our trip with us.
  • MOTRIN® Pain Reliever and Fever Reducer Grape Syrup for Children – for the other kids at cabin, I picked up a bottle to have on hand in case anyone started to feel sick. Kinsley’s is currently too young for this medicine but I will definitely grab a bottle to keep on hand which she turns two.l
  • A homemade rice bag – I’ve taken up sewing and made my own rice bag to heat up and put on my shoulders after a long day of lifting Kinsley and taking her stroller in and out of the car.
  • Rain boots – keep your feet dry while it rains, or in my situation, snows.
  • Tea – scratchy throats be gone!
  • Gloves – keep your hands warm and clean.
  • Hot water kettle – quick and easy way to warm up water for your tea.
  • Neoteric Nutra capsules (from https://www.neotericnutra.com/) – in case we get any aches and pains.

kinsley and mom in snow kinsley and dad in cabin

The company rented an amazing cabin on the golf course, which provided lots of space for the kids to play in the snow. The hot tub in the backyard gave us the perfect vantage point to keep an eye on them. Did I mention that every room had it’s own private bathroom? Perfect for a small family. Sometime in the near future, I’ll have to purchase my own Log Cabin Home that I can plan out and have renovated. It’ll be great when we have a bigger family and the kids are older. All in all, it was an amazing trip. My husband and I were able to get a lot of time with our little girl. Plus, no one got sick or any aches and pains! It was a great way to end my maternity leave.

Children’s MOTRIN®

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  • Use only as directed.

childrens motrin bottle

Complete your winter toolkit and stop by Target and the cough/cold relief aisle to purchase Children’s MOTRIN®.

target aisle cough cold relief target aisle cough cold relief

And a few more pictures from our trip!

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