We’re Doing Just Beachy

Photos via Nicole Armanino Photography

A lot can change in a few years and since my last blog post, I’ve added another mate to our crew. Meet Liam. Our little bundle of love. He’s 10 months old now, crawling and cruising nonstop. Kinsley is starting Transitional Kindergarten next week and OMG time please SLOW DOWN!!

While 2020 was nuts and 2021 has had its moments, I’m so thankful for old and new friends. Kinsley and her class were able to continue gymnastics with masks and she meet a new friend Lyla! Her mom Nicole is an amazing photographer, skilled at getting the wiggliest of worms to cooperate and hold still for photos. After a crazy last 16 months or so, take the time to get some lovely family photos sans masks. We all miss your beautiful faces!

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