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Puerto 27 Peruvian Kitchen & Pisco Bar

If you drive down Highway 1 towards Half Moon Bay, you’ll see a huge Victorian-style hotel and restaurant situated on the hill to your left. Before you go any further, STOP! You must go into the restaurant and grab a bite to eat or least sit at the bar and have a pisco sour.

Quay Sunnies + ‘Savvy’ Lip Stain

In my bag at all times, I have a pair of sunglasses and lip color. My favorite sunglasses? Hands down: Quay Australia, pronounced ‘key.’ They’re affordable, fashionable and come in a variety of styles. You can shop the Australian brand sunglasses from their website (they only take PayPal) or from a bunch of other online retailers like…

Crochet Lace Mini

Who’s excited that it’s almost the weekend? This girl! I’m going to baby shower in Sacramento for one of my best friends from elementary school. She and I can recite nearly every word to Romy & Michele’s High School Reunion. “Watch out Tucson. Here we come!” It’s one of my favorite movies! I can’t wait to see […]

Rockaway Beach

This year, we spent Easter Sunday catching up on sleep, lifting weights and a walk in Rockaway. We finally had a little bit of rain in the morning, though not enough to make a dent in California’s dwindling water supply.