Yay! I have a garden.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. Summer’s been busy! I moved into a house (rental) the end of June and have embraced my new garden. I was considering using someone like Treequote to develop a tree service plan that meets my needs. But then I decided that I could sort everything out myself. I’ve been holding off on fully decking it out though. My thumb isn’t the greenest just yet, and I don’t have a lot of tools or even a shed to put them in! I’ve been told it’s important to find the right shed before you buy though, so I’m holding out on that until I find the perfect fit for my fruitful space.

Speaking of, the lemon tree produces too many lemons to keep up with. I can only make so much lemonade! There’s a peach tree, nectarine tree, apple tree, fig tree, and walnut tree too. After we moved in, I re-planted our strawberry and tomato plants and added some annuals to the flower beds for pops of color.

Whilst having my own garden is amazing, there’s quite a lot of maintenance that needs to be done quite regularly through summer. Not only do I have to find time to look after all of these fruit trees, I also need to make sure the trees are trimmed regularly and the grass is regularly fertilized to keep it healthy. There’s not enough time in the day! That’s why my friend told me about this company (https://www.lawncare.net/service-areas/texas/) she used not long ago. They were able to help her with her garden maintenance, allowing her more time to work and focus on other things. That’s worth keeping in mind, just in case the garden becomes too much. Anyway, hopefully I can look after my garden! Robin's Garden at Dusk


Got any special plans this weekend? I am finally going camping for the first time this year in Half Moon Bay (I hope it’s not too foggy) and maybe laying by the pool. It’s supposed to be in the 80s this weekend!

Have a great weekend!


Girls Night: dinner and ballet

My mom and I had a wonderful girls night this past weekend in San Francisco. I came away from the evening with a new appreciation for vegetarian dishes and ballet. I always liked ballet per say. I mean, I took ballet lessons as a kid, though apparently all I wanted to do was run around instead. I loved the movie Center Stage. So yeah, I like ballet, specifically modern types of ballet, and I like to watch it (not do it).

For dinner, we had reservations for Greens in Fort Mason, a lovely bayside vegetarian restaurant with views of the boats in the Marina, the Golden Gate Bridge and the Marin headlands. The food was delicious and filling. I had no idea that I could get that stuffed off of vegetables! I barely had room for dessert, but do you see the picture below? I made room in my stomach for that cookie sandwich! Our server had an adorable accent (Australian maybe?) and we couldn’t have seen a prettier sunset. Greens is a little pricey. The Saturday prix fixe dinner came to be about $130 for two people so it’s definitely some place I would only go for special occasions (or all the time if I won the lottery).
Greens Restaurant

What I ordered:
Salad: Grilled Zuckerman’s Farm asparagus with lemon pistachio gremolata, Regina olive oil and Andante Dairy fresh goat cheese
Main course: Sweet pea ravioli
Dessert: Meyer lemon ice cream sandwich with tangerine shortbread, blood orange caramel and citrus supremes
Wine: a glass of Kung Fu Girl Riesling 2010, Columbia Valley

company c contemporary ballet

The ballet was held in the Cowell Theater (also in Fort Mason). I bought discounted tickets from Bloomspot and picked up our tickets at will-call. The first part of the performance was choreographed to Led Zeppelin songs. SO COOL!

To learn more about Company C Ballet visit www.companycballet.org.

Retro POP! Fashion Show & Art Showcase (San Jose)

Got plans this Saturday night? I hope not because if you’re local, you should be at Retro POP! Fashion Show & Art Showcase at the Landmark Ballroom in downtown San Jose.

retroPOP! event San Jose

The event will feature a fashion show highlighting classic looks of the 60’s including go-go, mod, and flowerchild. Styling will be done by local San Jose professionals including Studio Glam, Park Place Vintage, and Time Zone Vintage. Attendees who are inspired by the night’s fashion can purchase their own 60’s threads from local vendors selling throughout the event.

Live musical performances will set the mood with starting with Santa Cruz band The Inciters, followed by 60s reggae band, The Champions. Patrons can sip on champagne and Soju-cocktails through the night while DJ DerekSee spins tunes from the era, and Go Go dancers keep spirits high and people moving.

Eats: Sushi and sweets will be available for purchase
Attire: Hip 60s threads encouraged, all style welcome
Location: Landmark Ballroom, 75 South 11th Street in downtown San Jose
Tickets: $10 at the door, and $8 in advance available now online


So who’s putting on this event? Friends of mine actually! Check out Giant Creative Services — they’re awesome-possum.

Who’s the behind the styling at this event?: Studio Glam is a one-of-a-kind boutique salon that boasts an old school inspired culture with oldies on the radio and Pinups on the walls. Studio Glam is located at 311 Stockton Ave. in San Jose. The salon is proud to be widely involved with the local San Jose community.

I hope to see you there! And don’t forget to RSVP on Facebook.

Instagram ♡: An afternoon in the city.

Yesterday I had a lovely afternoon in San Francisco to celebrate my mom’s 60th birthday and I got a little Clever work done in an 60s music icon’s old apartment.

A sunny day in San Francisco
Clockwise starting at top left:

an extra cake pop for my coworker Nuala (I made a bunch for my mom and her coworkers for her bday)  //  the view from Nuala’s living room window, also where Jimi Hendrix once lived, and right across the street from where Janis Joplin resided too. Oh if those walls could talk!  //  a beautiful old building on the corner nearby, so San Franciscan  //  an adorable, colorful, magical driveway that I had to capture with Instagram