Date Night At Home

Thank you Childs & Co. for sponsoring this post. Check out top-quality, handcrafted butcher blocks by Childs & Co. on Etsy. Made in California.

date night in childs & co butcher block

As you can probably imagine, date night is few and far between when you have a new baby. Even when you have someone offer to watch the baby, the last thing I’ve wanted to do is go out to dinner. What I WANT is pizza delivered and to clean up our living room/bedroom, etc. I want to get caught up on the laundry. I want to vacuum and pick up toys. I want to make our living space less chaotic so that when we have the baby back, we aren’t tripping over things or riffling through the clothing pile to find something clean. I know my husband and I are long overdue for a night on the town, but we’re pretty happy right here at home for now.

Childs and Co butcher block wood cheese spread

Over the holiday weekend we had some time to ourselves so we decided to clean off the coffee table — wow, it’s so pretty under all the stuff piled on it — and kick back and relax with some wine and snacks.

Childs & Co handmade wood butcher block

Let me just say, Trader Joe’s has the best cheeses and crackers. We brought popped a bottle of our Jacuzzi Prosecco leftover from our wedding and drank out of our beautiful Tiffany’s champagne glasses that were a wedding a gift from a coworker. We received this gorgeous handmade butcher block from our friends at Childs & Co. that I used as the platter. Made from walnut, maple and cherry woods, this butcher block was the perfect centerpiece for our at-home date night.

childs and co butcher block cheese spread

Bri and Connor Childs, the husband/wife duo behind Child’s & Co., started handcrafting cutting boards and butcher blocks as gifts before realizing they should open an Etsy shop and sell them. I love supporting small businesses, especially small businesses in California.

The family-owned and operated Child’s & Co. wooden blocks make the perfect gift for weddings, holidays, housewarmings, or for foodies. Don’t forget to order one for yourself here! Follow them on Instagram and see their newest projects

childs & co butcher blocks wood handmadecheese spread on Childs and Co butcher blockChilds and Co butcher blocks handmade of woodJacuzzi wine Childs & Co butcher blocks

Another thanks to Childs & Co. for sponsoring this post. All opinions expressed are absolutely my own.

Best Gifts for the Gals Under $35

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Now that it’s October, time to decorate for Halloween

Two buck Halloween door decor craft inspired by Dollar Store Crafts blog.

Happy Halloween sign DIY by RobinWithAnIMaterials used:

  • Pre-cut bat
  • ‘Happy Halloween’ sparkly sign
  • Super glue to stick two of the bats onto the sign

Time: less than a minute

Halloween wreath made out of orange, black and yellow tissue paper.

DIY craft project Halloween wreath made by Robin With An I

Materials used:

  • Orange, black and yellow tissue paper
  • Glue + glue gun
  • Round

Time: 60+ minutes (I was watching The Bachelor Pad finale while working on the wreath so I wasn’t 100% focused on the craft). It could take less time if you focused.

Taped the pre-cut bats on our sliding glass door.

pre-cut bats robinwithani

Easy pumpkin vase flower arrangement.

halloween pumpkin flowers

5 minute tutorial found at

How have you decorated for Halloween/fall?

Beautiful Globe Light Fixtures (Pinterest)

After watching a room makeover show on HGTV, I was on a hunt to find the large globe fixtures they used in the living room. Of course it led to an hour spent on Pinterest. This is what I found (including actual “globe” lighting):

After no luck finding exactly what I was looking for on Pinterest, I took to Google and found the exact ones I was looking for. Aren’t they awesome?
Lesson learned, though. When searching for specifics, Pinterest < Google.

Source: via Robin on Pinterest