A Childhood Friend’s Riverside Wedding

MaryBeth and Chris Wedding September 2011

Coloma California American River One of my closest friends since elementary school married her outdoorsman sweetheart. They both love to fish and camp so a river-side outdoor wedding in Coloma, California was perfect. My campsite was right next to the American River and throughout the afternoon we saw half a dozen rafters take on the rapids and succeed. Just looking at the middle fork of the american river made me want to book a whitewater rafting trip there.

American River in Coloma California at the American River ResortThe bride’s lacy, off-white dress was beautiful. She walked down the isle to “Kiss The Girl” from The Little Mermaid, her favorite movie.

marybeth horn and chris farley wedding

the bride and the groom

marybeth and chris farley wedding bridesmaids

the bridesmaids

marybeth and chris farley wedding groomsmen

the groomsmen

marybeth and chris farley wedding their married

they're married!

robin miller with the bride marybeth farley

me with the blushing bride. 18 years since we first became friends!

yay! man and wife

yay! man and wife.

the first dance marybeth and chris farley wedding

the first dance

Do ladybugs bite? The answer may surprise you.

Do ladybugs bite?

Public domain ladybug  image from www.public-domain-image.comTotally random, but many years ago on my way to summer camp in the Sierras, I was attacked by a swarm of ladybugs.

I know what you’re thinking? Ladybugs don’t bite. They’re so sweet. I love ladybugs.They wouldn’t hurt a fly.


Yada yada yada. Well you know what I say? Ladybugs suck!

So here’s the back story: It was a hot June or July many years ago. My grandma, aunt, cousin Bridget and I were all profusely sweating in grandma’s old AC-busted station wagon. Bridget and I were getting dropped off for a week at summer camp, somewhere high in the Sierra Mountains of California.

We stopped on the side of the road in a shady turnout to stretch our legs and have lunch.  We still had another hour or so of driving left and it was the hottest time of the day so even in the shade, we were barely cooling off.

After a few minutes outside, I started getting bit all over my body where the skin was accessible (I was wearing a tank top and shorts). The culprit? LADYBUGS! As I jumped up and started freaking out that I was going to be eaten alive by these damn things, Grandma said there was no way. She suggested mosquitoes were actually the ones to blame. But it wasn’t mosquitoes. There were ladybugs on me and they were biting. A lot.

Whatever year this was, there was nothing on the internet that suggested ladybugs bite, but over the years I continued to search. Occasionally, I would come across a forum where someone insisted they had been bitten by those little red and black-spotted bugs. I sympathized with these victims. For I too, were in their shoes with no one believing us.

Still to this day, I haven’t found it written in stone (or on a legitimate site) that ladybugs bite but I know it’s true. The more incidents I read about, the more I know I’m not alone.

Robinwithani question about lady bugs

Goal for the Green says yes, Asian Ladybugs bite.

Q&A: Do Ladybugs BITE? And How Can You Keep Them Out of the House? Gardens Alive says yes.

Yahoo! Answers: Can ladybugs bite? The best answer says yes.

Everything Ladybug! says they pinch.

I asked the question on Aardvark:

Aardvark question do lady bugs bite

Aardvark question do lady bugs bite

And I even asked on Quora, but didn’t get any answers.

Eek! Where did 2010 go? Gotta get those holiday cards out PRONTO!

Did this year go by much faster than usual? It’s already November which means Thanksgiving decorations will soon be replaced by an overwhelming amount of tree lights, shiny ornaments, candy canes, and bratty kids screaming “I WANT TICKLE ME ELMO” or whatever this year’s most sought after toy is.

So before things get too hectic and insanely difficult to manage, now is the time to order holiday cards to send to loved ones.

The Boyfriend and Robin San Francisco Giants

In my cards, there will be no cute-as-a-button children smiling with their golden retriever. They charge to much to rent and no one would believe they were mine anyways. In my Christmas cards, it’ll just be The Boyfriend, The Cat, and Me. Probably with WORLD SERIES CHAMPS (GO Giants!!) attire on.

The photo Christmas cards I think would look best with two San Francisco Giants fans and a fluff ball on it is the Peace and Love card pictured below. My two runner up cards were Elegance In Damask Holiday Card and the Sweet Chocolate Christmas Card.

I didn’t get cards out last year and thought I’d be too busy to get to it this year but it’s a nice gesture to keep extended family updated that you’re still alive and well, even if you don’t get a chance to say hello as often as you’d like.

Peace Love Dove

Bloggers, now it’s your turn to get 50 free cards from Shutterfly. Find out how: http://bit.ly/sfly2010