Alt Design Summit: A Mecca For The Creative – Part 2

Besides meeting a fabulous group of new friends, Alt provided a central place for like-minded people to get creative and feed off of each other, though not in the vampire-y, post-apocalyptic-way. It isn’t often you get 500 awesome designers, fashionistas, crafters, stylists, decorators, social media smarties, artists, photographers and bloggers all in one location at your disposal.

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Sundance Film Festival

park city utah snowyMy last full day in Utah was spent in Park City where Sundance Film Festival was being held. Myself and five other amazing girls had car service from the Grand America hotel to downtown Park City. Plenty of snow fell the night before so this was really my first time IN the snow in years.

Sundance Film Festival sign
weather for Park City(it was sure cold and wet when we went on Saturday)

While at Sundance I really, really wanted to see Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad. He’s in a new film, Smashed, that premiered at the festival and apparently he was around but no where near me. Bummer. I did see Parvesh Cheena from that show Outsourced (canceled). I think I saw Mary J. Blige walking down the sidewalk.

The girls and I had lunch at Zoom. I had a Long Island Ice Tea (it’s Utah so it’s not like they were that strong), delicious mac and cheese, and a yummy salad. After eating, Alison and I met Alex Punch Hype-White, who (in his words) you may have seen him playing small parts in big films or big parts in small films. He had a small role on the show Dexter.

After lunch we got in line for the Sundance Music Cafe and were the last group of people let in. Plus, we didn’t have badges which those folks had priority. Cheers to the our pretty group of girls and the dude doorman. Otherwise we probably wouldn’t have gotten in.

Lisa's new snow boots(Lisa’s new snow boots)
park city utah(snowy Main Street)
outside Sundance Film Festival in Park City(lots of folks arriving throughout the day)
(Eskimo Lisa and I all bundled up outside the Sundance Music Cafe)
sundance music cafe(panoramic of inside the Music Cafe)
inside the music cafe at Sundance Film Festival(inside the Music Cafe)
music cafe stage Sundance Film Festival in Park City(the Music Cafe stage)

We saw a great group of artists throughout the afternoon (from left to right): Jenny O, Ben Taylor and friends, A Fine Frenzy, Josh Kelley, Natasha Bedingfield with John Forté & Friends, Ben Taylor, and Sergey and this little 12 year old girl Sophia with a lot of talent. Sophia covered Anna Nalick’s “Breathe” at Flanagan’s Irish Pub & Restaurant.


p.s. you can see I’m starting to play around with Photoshop. It’s been a very long time since I last used it so bare with me while I figure it all out.

Alt Design Summit: A Mecca For The Creative – Part I

The Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City, Utah for Alt Design Summit(The Grand America Hotel, where Alt Design Summit was held)

I’m still recovering from my silly sinus cold. I am also still digging through the piles of business cards and searching for pictures from the conference. However I must say, the Alt Design Summit was the best conference I’ve ever been to. Ever. The setting couldn’t any be better — snowy Utah in January was just beautiful. The snow on the mountains made a perfect backdrop and the Grand America Hotel had plenty of outlets and fairly reliable internet – a must for us social media folk.

Everyone at the conference had their own unique style and really shinned as individuals. I was lucky enough to go on behalf of Clever Girls and not only meet new bloggers, but also grow personally and professionally. I had several goals going into the conference and I met them all. For the last few months I haven’t felt very inspired. Maybe it’s just the holiday season can be so overwhelming and busy that looking for inspiration was last on my list. Attending Alt was the spark to my creative engine. Inspiration found me.

I’m back to pinning future DIY projects, thinking about topics to blog and vlog about, and gathering ideas of what to paint next. One of my closest friends gave me an easel for Christmas and sitting on it is a half-started painting of Santa Barbara’s West Beach. It’s been collecting dust for over three weeks and before Alt, I had no desire to finish it anytime soon. I do now.

Surrounding yourself with creative people is so important and I think I forgot that. I love my non-creatives but I forget there needs to be balance. I thrive on other people’s energy and am really thankful I met so man  awesome people at Alt. The outfits alone were inspiring! Gosh, even the business cards were inspiring (see below). Alt is truly a mecca for the creative.

Looking for inspiration? Follow the attendees on Twitter (subscribe to all the Alt 2012 attendees lists created by these gals: @amandagenther, @CrowandCanary, @Lesliedf, @pmaelee, @melaniebiehle, @the818, @CompartmentLife, @Mom101, and @DesertRavenArt). Read their blogs. Check out their Etsy sites. Follow their pins. These people are the cream of the crop.

 Creative business cards from Alt Design Summit 2012

(Some very creative business cards and gifts from Alt Design Summit 2012 attendees)
Row 1:
Brianna, Collected Blog
Kal, artist and Link With Love
Alison, The Alison Show

Row 2:
Chelsey, The Paper Mama
Susan, Freshly Picked
Row 3:
Ginny, Ginny Branch Styling and Designs
Alma & Mike, and
Row 4:
Taylor, Totally Tay


Photos from Wednesday Night’s Dinner With:

Bay Leaf Bar and Grub in Salt Lake City, Utah
(Wednesday Night Dinner With… at Bayleaf Bar & Grub)
Bayleaf Bar & Grub in Salt Lake City, Utah
(Pool tables = my kind of place)

Alt Summit Wednesday Dinner dining with Mica May of

(Sat next to Mica May of May Books. Her books were featured on Good Morning America!)
Gift from Design Mom, Smock Paper goodies(A set of adorable cards from Smock, a gift from Gabrielle Blair of Design Mom, our dinner host — and one of the founders of Alt Summit and Kirtsy!!!)

Alt Design Summit 2012 RobinWithAnI The Paper Mama IROCKSOWHAT

(My beautiful roomies, Jess from IROCKSOWHAT and Chelsey from The Paper Mama at Squatters for drinks after our dinners)

More pictures and stories coming this week. Happy Humpday!