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Meet Our New Baby Hammies

A couple of weeks ago, Matt and I went to Petsmart to pick up cat litter and ended up coming home with two furry new additions to the family. I had been wanting to get a pet for a while before going to Petsmart but when we saw these, we knew they had to come home with us! Hamsters are such great animals and they make fantastic pets. Matt wanted to get a pet rat after reading this article however in the end, we decided a hamster would be the best option. I’m so happy we bought them, they’re gorgeous!

young syrian hamster hold in hands

Meet Sansa and Arya, Syrian long haired hamsters. After debating what their names would be for about a week, we finally decided on two Game of Thrones characters. Aria is the little one and Sansa is the bigger one.

hamsters in cage Arya Sansa Game of Thrones

Below is Castle Stark, where the two will sometimes sleep. They switch between the castle and the huts on the first level of their cage, but they always sleep together. They’re super cute.

hamster castle

So far these little ladies have been very entertaining. When they first wake up, they aren’t so hyper and will let us hold them. When they’re awake, they are moving constantly. We have two hamster balls that they run around the house in. 

syrian long-haired hamster

We started off with one of those plastic cages for the two of them and realized quickly that they needed more space. So we bought a second cage — the same kind — and connected the two. After about a week, we decided they really needed more room to run around. We upgraded them to a large cage with bigger tubes, plenty of room for them to run around and each of them have their own wheel to run on. They’re our spoiled little ladies.

large hamster cage


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