New Fall Favorite: Taco Soup

delicious bowl of taco soup
Who knew taco soup was so delicious and extremely easy to make!? Last week I came across a site PERFECT for those dipping their feet into meal planning. Do yourself a favor and visit The Meal Planner.

The Meal Planner’s taco soup is an easy dinner to make using leftovers from tacos the night before. Besides browning the sausage, the only other step was adding the leftover beans and meat to the crockpot with the rest of the ingredients. The soup cooked on low for four hours and I topped my bowl with avocado, tortilla chips and shredded cheese. Yummy!

bowl of taco soup Taco Soup Recipe
Click here for printable version of Taco Soup

A Twist on a Pesto Pasta Dinner

pesto sausage garlic pastaPesto Pasta Dinner


  • pasta noodles
  • 1/3 of turkey sausage package
  • 4 cloves of garlic
  • 3 tablespoons of pesto
  • freshly grated Parmesan cheese


  1. Cook pasta according to package. Drain.
  2. Steam lima beans in saucer.
  3. In a separate saucer, throw in cut up sausage, garlic cloves, and pesto. Cook twenty minutes on low, covered.
  4. Throw all together ingredients in a bowl together and sprinkle Parmesan on top.


Pineapple Mango Peach Popsicles

Popsicles and summer go hand in hand and to kick off the beginning of the best time of year, I made these super easy pops out of three ingredients (below). I’d totally tell you how many cups of this and that to throw in the blender but I kind of winged it. Guess that’s why my food/drinks never come out the same each time. Luckily, these popsicles turned out just fine.

pineapple mango peach popsiclespineapple mango peach popsicles picturepineapple mango peach popsicles picture 1pineapple mango peach popsicles picture freezerIngredients:

  • Plain yogurt
  • Pineapple/mango juice
  • Frozen peaches

Mix the three ingredients in a blender. Pour into popsicle molds. Freeze for at least two hours.

Things I love May edition (a little late)

Ellie Goulding
Ellie is a new up and comer from the U.K. and she rocks! Here’s the video for her latest single “Guns and Horses.


What girl doesn’t love pretty things? Pinterest is a girl’s pretty virtual space.

pinterest website

Love traditional photo booths but don’t see them many places these days? Now you can have one with you wherever you go. Only $.99 for the Pocketbooth iPhone app.

Pocketbooth iphone application

Cake pops
Did Bakerella know that she would inspire millions of people to make tons and tons of cake pops for all sorts of occasions? Probably. That’s why she wrote this book:

Bakerella Cake Pops Book