Southern California

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This past weekend Matt and I took a last minute road trip to Southern California for a mini vacation. Matt’s parents have a house in Burbank about an hour away from Disneyland. It had been years since either of had gone to Disneyland and California Adventure wasn’t even built back then. We figured we should go see for ourselves what Disneyland is like without kids before we start having them.
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Memorial Day Weekend Road Trip

Exploring California Adventure with my husband 🚘👫 #CaliforniaAdventure #married #MemorialDayWeekend #Disneyland #roadtrip

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Matt and I planned a last minute road trip down to Southern California for Memorial Day weekend. We both hadn’t been to Disneyland in 15+ years and neither of us had been to California Adventure so we figured it would be fun to go again before we have kids. Like most vacations, it went by way too fast.

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Rockaway Beach

rockaway beach pacifica californiaThis year, we spent Easter Sunday catching up on sleep, lifting weights and a walk in Rockaway. We finally had a little bit of rain in the morning, though not enough to make a dent in California’s dwindling water supply.

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