robinwithani nails for vegas

Vegas Nails

robinwithani nails for vegasVegas countdown: less than 24 hours

Hot dress – check

Cute swimsuit – check

Pumps – check

Advil – check

Nails – check




Fingers: Essie Turquoise and Caicos

Essie Turquoise & Caicos








Toes: Zoya Cassi

Zoya Nail Polish Cassi

Planes, Trains and Automobiles. And Bitches!

I love to travel but don’t feel I get to enough. Between years of school, working numerous jobs, and high travel costs, my plan to travel the world has been on hiatus. With my new job (8 months and counting), the opportunity to travel more frequently is now an option. Working remotely for Clever Girls Collective allows to me to work from anywhere in the world, as long as I have internet access. My work is always at the tips of my fingers.

So my travel today takes me to the Big Island of Hawaii. My boyfriend and I flew Alaskan Air and while we were both excited to be headed to a tropical island, we had to first survive a six-hour flight with THE MOST ANNOYING WOMAN EVER sitting directly in front of my boyfriend. She was loud. She was pushing. And most of all, She was rude. Oh how I can’t stand thee; let me count the ways.

planes trains robins hawaii flight nightmare

Play Ball

Strike 1: After the flight attendants’ announcement to “Please make sure all electronic devices are turned off,” a very loud phone began to ring and low and behold, She starts digging in her purse to retrieve it. The polite and FAA-approved response would be to turn it off. She, of course, takes the call and loudly chats while the rest of us look at each other in bewilderment and a woman to tells her to turn it off. The nearby passengers and I exchange glances and shake our heads. I think we all know we’re in for a very long flight.

I feel bad for my boyfriend sometimes. I really do. He’s a tall guy and airplanes are not the most accommodating to men his size. The legroom is nearly non-existent, the seats could be an inch or two taller in height, and the same could added to the seat cushion to the make the space a little more pleasant. A larger seat cushion equals a better floating device, right? #JustSayin. Deciding not to fly first class is a choice since we tend to side with our budget and stick to the back of the plane. This leads me to Her next strike.

Strike 2: “All seats must be upright and trays must be locked during takeoff.” Well lady, put your damn seat up! My poor boyfriend is getting squashed and the plane hasn’t even hit the air.

At this point, we realize we got shafted – double shafted, I suppose, since having this woman in front of us counts as Shaft Numero Uno. Everyone in our row is directly in front of the emergency exit, therefore we are in the seats that do not recline. #FAIL. My boyfriend now has the woman in his lap. #EPICFAIL.

Strike 3: Lunch is served aboard flight 893 and we have to listen to the woman yap, yap, yap and demand for food and drinks before her turn. She does this not once. Not twice. But three freakin’ times! Are you kidding me? I kid you not. The poor flight attendants are stressed because not all the food options on the menu are available and although they’ve repeated the current selection on the *speaker, people are still ordering *unavailable item. Well guess who is being pushy and impolite, and talking over other passengers who are kindly putting in their drink order?

Game Over

Not one “please” or “thank you” ever came out of her mouth the entire trip. How does a woman like this get through life? Has she never been around people before? How do you end up like her? If you know, please fill me in cause I want to make sure my kids one day never behave with such disregard for others. I can’t stand people like her and I’m crossing my fingers (and toes) that she’s not on the flight back home!

UPDATE: Guess who was on the plane back to San Jose International? Thank GOD for our intuition – we predicted this would happen and were able to change our seats before boarding.