While the boyfriend is away, I pla- craft!

I was a craft machine the other weekend while my boyfriend was out of town. Some of my projects were inspired by crafty bloggers like Tatertots and Jello and Blue Cricket Designs, while others had been on my craft “to do” list for quite some time [see hanging jewelry holder and letter hooks].

Inspiration 1: Tatertots And Jello’s Whimsical Valentine Wreath

Tatertots and Jello Whimsical Valentine Wreath

My whimsical wreath

Robin with an I whimsical valentine wreath

robin with an i whimsical wreathrobin with an i whimsical wreath

DIY hanging jewelry holder

Step 1: Buy supplies (framed cork board – $2 from Salvation Army, white paint, teal ribbon, paint brush and pretty rhinestone stickies from Michael’s). Supplies I already had: screws, thumbtacks).
Step 2: Paint edge white, screw in hooks at the bottom.

robinwithani jewelry holder in progress

Step 3: Add pretty teal rhinestone stickies.

robin diy jewelry holderStep 4: Add ribbon, paint thumbtacks white.

jewelry holder diy robinwithani

Step 5: Hang it, add jewelry.

finished jewelry holder diy robinwithani

Inspiration 2: Blue Cricket Design’s Pretty Bird Wall Art

Blue Cricket Design Pretty Bird Wall Art

My pretty bird wall art

Step 1: Buy supplies (blue and brown paint, 2 pack of small canvases – approx. $6 –  from Michael’s)
Step 2: Paint white canvases Robin’s Egg Blue.
Step 3: Draw branches freehand with pencil.
Step 4: Print and cut out silhouettes of birds that you find by searching Google.
Step 5: Trace birds onto canvas.

pretty bird art diy robinwithani

Step 6: Paint branches and birds brown.

pretty bird art diy robinwithaniStep 7: Hang it up!

pretty bird art final diy robinwithani

My pretty tree branch painting

Step 1: Buy supplies (brown and blue paint from Michael’s, two large $5 canvases from Big Lots)
Step 2: Paint canvases brown. FYI I did about 3 coats.
Step 3: Pick an image online that you think would look fabulous. Print it out so you can eye it while you draw it freehand.
Step 3: Draw the image in pencil.
Step 4: Fill in the image with blue paint.

pretty branches with flowers robinwithani diyStep 5: Hang up your new DIY painting to show how talented you are.

Your hook. My hook.

Step 1: Purchase these cute white letters from Michael’s (in the dollar bin!).
Step 2: Paint them the same blue color as the other projects.
Step 3: Since these already have hooks, hammer a nail in the wall and hang.

letters r j robinwithani

Besides the mess, our room looks better now.

robinwithani diy projectsrobinwithani diy projects

What should my next craft project be!

Searching for a job is never easy, but here’s a few tips

A friend of mine recently sent me a message that she needed help finding a new job. Sadly, this friend is getting a pink slip later this month and has exhausted herself scouring Craigslist. I’d like to share the suggestions I gave her.

  • If you’re graduating college soon, make sure you know the ins and outs of your school’s career center. Check the job board daily for new positions.
  • Tell everyone you know that you’re looking for a job.
  • Update your LinkedIn account. If you don’t have one, stop right now and make one!
  • Sign up for job email alerts from various job searching sites using key words from your field. For example, I signed up for job alerts with the following keywords: public relations + social media + marketing + entry level + communications… etc.
  • Job Resources: to name a few LocalHires, Indeed, Simply Hired, CalOpps, Experience. I steered clear of Monster and Career Builder just because there tended to be a lot of b***s*** jobs that claim to be in the field I was looking in, but were mainly sales and telemarketer jobs.

Networking events are a fantastic way to meet other people in your shoes who might have helpful tips and suggestions for maneuvering the job market. The following groups have upcoming networking opportunities in the Bay Area.

Pink Slip Mixers – you’re not alone in this big, scary job market.
Down-sized? Unemployed? Want to find a new career and have fun! Pink Slip Mixer events are fun, interactive and FREE to job seekers! When you come in the door, you’ll be given a color-coded bracelet that identifies you as a job seeker of a specific industry or a recruiter or admissions representative so you can network with the people that matter to you!

Silicon Valley Tweetup – network while raising money for a local charity.
Silicon Valley Tweetups connects people who are engaging in social media and want to give back to the community.

Silicon Valley Young Professionals – a networking group.
The Silicon Valley Young Professionals are a group of young community and business leaders dedicated to improving our community by connecting and developing young professionals. SVYP is a program of the Santa Clara Chamber of Commerce focused on promoting the growth and development of the next generation of business and community leaders.

Social Media Club – like social media? So do these guys.
Social Media Club’s mission is to connect media makers from around the world to advance media literacy, promote industry standards, encourage ethical behaviour and share the lessons they have learned. With many chapters worldwide, finding one near you is easy. I am a part of Social Media Club Silicon Valley, where innovators from around the Bay Area will meet for monthly events to share, engage and collaborate with the community on the issues of social media and technology.

Do you have any suggestions for job seekers?

Music Mondays: If you sound like this in the bathroom…

I found this video on YouTube today and was blown away with Lykke Li‘s bathroom performance. The Swedish singer has been a favorite of mine since I downloaded her official video for I’m Good, I’m Gone off of iTunes Music Video of the Week back in October 2008.

The comments for this video are pretty amusing, too.

laradoodleann I want to be her.
Dpesh7 wats middle aged ron weasley doing behind her
Principalies He looks like a redhead John Wilkes Booth.
pistolwhip789 love this shit
pellaman19 thats so street. i love it.
duperman lmao seems a bit cramped in there

And onto the video.

Happy Music Monday!

Practical advice for college students

Determining Your Major

While your major isn’t set in stone, changing it a gazillion times will only keep you in school longer than you’d like.


Seek advice from your professors. Not sure why you got a lower-than-expected grade? Ask your teacher what you did wrong and what you can do to improve. As a college student, it’s your responsibility to do your best and if you don’t know your mistakes, you can’t learn from them.

Learning Resource Centers

Resources are there for a reason. Use them.


Join them. You might think joining a club will overwhelm your reality TV-watching schedule, but in REALITY, you’ll meet new people, make new friends, and have acquaintances with similar interests in and perhaps even the same classes (study buddies).

The Library

Whether you live at home or in the dorms, finding a quiet place to study can sometimes be harder than homework itself. Pack your backpack full of the essential snacks and hit the library for some much-needed peace and quiet.  Your grades will thank you.


Get your feet wet early on. Internships are the key to figuring out what you want to DO for a career (or finding out what you DON’T).