Hiking in Pacifica: Montara Mountain

Hiking in Pacifica., California. Montara Mountain.

Yesterday my husband and I dusted off our GoPro that we haven’t used since our honeymoon and took it on our Montara Mountain hike. It’s still pretty chilly out, especially in the shade, but it made for a gorgeous hike in our hometown. The back of the valley, where we were at, was sunny, but you can see the fog rolling in from the Pacific Ocean. By 4 o’clock, the entire valley was submerged in the fog.

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Hiking in Pacifica: San Pedro Valley Park

Hiking in Pacifica. San Pedro Park

San Pedro Valley Park is a gem here in town. This local hiking spot in the back of valley has some great trails for those looking for an easy-going walk, a grueling hike, or something in between.

It’s hard to believe you can hike in the hills, put your feet in the Pacific Ocean, and be only a 15-minute drive from a big city (San Francisco) in Pacifica. If only there were more good food options in town, this place could be near perfect. Well, and maybe a little less fog, but this is good enough for me 🙂

For more information about San Pedro Valley Park or to hike the trails yourself, click here.

Weiler Ranch Road Trail (flat 1.0 mile)
San Pedro Valley Park Pacifica California

San Pedro Valley Park Pacifica California

San Pedro Valley Park Pacifica California

Hazelnut Trail (4.5 miles)

San Pedro Valley Park Hazelnut Trail in Pacifica California

Valley View Trail (1.4 miles)

Valley View hike in San Pedro Valley Park in Pacifica, California

San Pedro Valley Park panoramic picture on the Valley View Trail in Pacifica, California

Maybe we’ll see you on the trails sometime.

Robin and Matt hike in San Pedro Park