Hiking in Pacifica: Montara Mountain

Hiking in Pacifica., California. Montara Mountain.

Yesterday my husband and I dusted off our GoPro that we haven’t used since our honeymoon and took it on our Montara Mountain hike. It’s still pretty chilly out, especially in the shade, but it made for a gorgeous hike in our hometown. The back of the valley, where we were at, was sunny, but you can see the fog rolling in from the Pacific Ocean. By 4 o’clock, the entire valley was submerged in the fog.

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Hiking in Pacifica: San Pedro Valley Park

Hiking in Pacifica. San Pedro Park

San Pedro Valley Park is a gem here in town. This local hiking spot in the back of valley has some great trails for those looking for an easy-going walk, a grueling hike, or something in between.

It’s hard to believe you can hike in the hills, put your feet in the Pacific Ocean, and be only a 15-minute drive from a big city (San Francisco) in Pacifica. If only there were more good food options in town, this place could be near perfect. Well, and maybe a little less fog, but this is good enough for me 🙂

For more information about San Pedro Valley Park or to hike the trails yourself, click here.

Weiler Ranch Road Trail (flat 1.0 mile)
San Pedro Valley Park Pacifica California

San Pedro Valley Park Pacifica California

San Pedro Valley Park Pacifica California

Hazelnut Trail (4.5 miles)

San Pedro Valley Park Hazelnut Trail in Pacifica California

Valley View Trail (1.4 miles)

Valley View hike in San Pedro Valley Park in Pacifica, California

San Pedro Valley Park panoramic picture on the Valley View Trail in Pacifica, California

Maybe we’ll see you on the trails sometime.

Robin and Matt hike in San Pedro Park


Hiking in Marin

Marin has some of the best hiking trails in the Bay Area. Matt and I went on a hike with my mom in Corte Madera on a sunny afternoon. We climbed several somewhat hidden staircases scattered throughout the neighborhoods.

hiking in Marin staircases in the neighborhood

I am a huge fan of succulents and this one of the largest I’ve seen.

plants in marin, california on hikeThe views from the top of the mountain were gorgeous! A cyclist stopped to take in the view.

biker taking a look at the view from the top of the hill in Marin California

You can see San Francisco in the distance. It was a really clear day, though the fog was beginning to slowly creep in.

view from Marin of San Francisco, California

The image below looks over a rooftop with views of the San Quentin Prison and the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge.

rooftop view of San Quentin and the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge

What are your favorite hiking spots in the Bay Area?



On my to-do list: Northern California hiking spots

The weather has been beautiful here in Northern California (specifically the South Bay, but generally all over) and I have been dying to get out and see some nature besides my backyard.

And later this month, I will be hiking in Yosemite for the first time ever! After, I might go and have a look at How to Hike the Valley of Flowers to completed my hiking experience! Please leave comments below for any trails I must go on.

McWay Falls in Big Sur

After seeing a photo of the McWay Falls in Big Sur, I knew this would be my next hiking adventure. The trail is in the Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park, and is apparently an easy one at .5 miles round-trip. So while I’ll go for the falls, I’ll stay for one of the nearby hiking trails.

Castle Rock State Park in Los Gatos

Highly rated on Yelp, Castle Rock State Park has 32 whopping miles of hiking trails. The only problem will be trying to pick one. Can’t wait to sling on my Arkadia Supply backpack and get going though!

Arroyo Seco in Monterrey County

Arroyo Seco swimming taken via iphone

source: friend’s Facebook page

One of friends went on a dog-friendly hike in the beautiful Los Padres National Forest Park and posted pictures of the beautiful Arroyo Seco River Gorge (above) she swam in. The hike entrance is near the Arroyo Seco Campground, a campground I would love to stay at sometime soon!

Bass Lake in Bolinas

After a thumbs up review of this swimming spot from my co-worker, Nuala, Bass Lake has been added to my list. Sometimes there’s some nakedness so virgin eyes beware. Whether or not you chose to frolic around with or without a swimsuit, a dip in the lake after a hike sounds well-deserved.

Hike to the Tourist Club in Mill Valley

A nice cold beer at the top of the hike? It’s like they read my mind. Find directions to this very unique spot and read all about the Tourist Club‘s history, which dates back to the early 1900s.

What are some of your favorite hiking spots? Any trails you suggest I try?