We’re Back!

Thank you to Little Colorado for sponsoring this post.

Ahh it feels good to be back. After a hiatus from Beach Town Blonde, I’m back. Kinsley’s almost 3 1/2 and is talking all the time (and cracking me up at the same time). Work’s good. Family’s good. House is a mess. The usual. Kinsley’s room on the other hand – it’s actually clean. It helps when your kid still sleeps in your bed but I must say I do like having at least one room in the house neat and tidy.

Parents, you know it is so hard to keep the house clean with a toddler around. You clean one room and BAM. Your toddler walked in and within seconds that neat and tidy room is in shambles. It always reminds me of the meme that goes something like this: I hate it when I get done with all the laundry and then I see my family going around wearing clothes. You can just never catch up. There’s always more laundry, more dishes, and more clothes to put away.

That’s why I’m grateful for storage. Storage bins. Storage containers. Storage cubbies. Storage is everything because as much as we all wish we could keep up what our homes looked like after the great Marie Kondo of 2019, we can’t. We came, we saw, and we bought and our houses still have a ton of stuff. When it comes to storage for Kinsley’s overflow of stuffed animals, though, there is one place I turn: Little Colorado Furniture. Okay, two because I also hit up the Goodwill donation truck, too, when that pile of stuffed animals becomes overwhelming (and irritating). No one needs that many stuffed animals, right?

Little Colorado has recently started selling the Whale, Elephant, and Train toy boxes from Bannor toys to complement their collection of wooden toy boxes available on their website. We were lucky enough to get the whale one which goes perfectly with Kinsley’s ocean-themed room. I love that Little Colorado’s toy boxes come fully assembled which is so nice when you didn’t intend on spending your afternoon IKEA-ing. It’s ready to enjoy right out of the box. It’s also really sturdy – high-quality woodwork that you know can handle toddlers crawling in and out playing make-believe.

What I really like about Little Colorado is that their products are not made overseas. Little Colorado products are made in Denver, Colorado. Shop local. Shop small. Shop USA. You know the drill -> Get your own whale toy box or check out all of their other storage solutions and furniture here.

With the holidays around the corner and the influx of toys coming your way, which toy box would you choose?